Loop + TR MoU

Versallis Tech Services is proud to have facilitated this agreement between Loop & TR. We are very excited about the many opportunities ahead of us, convinced this will be a long and fruitful relationship.

Loop: Loop Energy Enters Joint Market Development Agreement with T├ęcnicas Reunidas to Accelerate the Commercialization of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles – Loop Energy

TR: https://www.tecnicasreunidas.es/es/tecnicas-reunidas-y-loop-energy-firman-un-acuerdo-de-desarrollo-comercial-para-acelerar-la-comercializacion-de-vehiculos-impulsados-con-hidrogeno/

August 2020

Versallis is working with Tecnicas Reunidas (www.tecnicasreunidas.es) to elaborate a viability study for the their equipment to produce renewable hydrogen from bio-ethanol.

Tecnicas Reunidas has developed a highly efficient containerized machinery that can dynamically adjust the production of H2 (ISO 14687:2019), making it ideal for safe onsite generation. Bio-ethanol can be transported and stored with existing infrastructure, reducing the expense associated to transporting the hydrogen as gas or liquefied.