Procurement Services: Versallis will help you with your procurement needs related to renewables and hydrogen. The process requires a great deal of engineering, understanding of the machinery involved, the interconnections of the equipment, the available suppliers locally and internationally, the market trends, expectations of growth, etc. The scope of our services goes beyond locating and assessing the right manufacturer, supplier and/or equipment, helping the customer compare technical and commercial proposals to choose the most appropriate solution to optimize their whole planned production expectations.
• Preparation of Grants: Versallis can help you in the preparation and submission of your grant applications, by incorporating technical skills, with the knowledge of the market, by assessing the adequacy of the proposal to the goals of the grant, helping locate and coordinate strategic alliances (partners, suppliers, customers, research organizations, etc) to support your ideas, etc.
• Education: Here in Versallis we have an experience of over 15 years in higher education. With our experience, knowledge and contacts, we can develop or help you develop courses and curriculum for bachelor and master programs.
• Feasibility studies: In most occasions the safest way to begin a larger project is by developing a feasibility study to review the needs of the market, the possible involvement of the relevant stakeholders (local or international), the technological alternatives, the size and expectations of growth, the needs for transferring skills to the user, operators and maintenance personnel, etc. Versallis can develop your feasibility study from the beginning all the way up to subsequent phases as a pilot project and eventually to the full deployment.
• Project development: With over 30 years’ worth of experience in the design, engineering, construction and installation of complex systems, in Versallis we can help you with your project development needs.