The use of hydrogen is expanding to reach not only light vehicles but also trucks and busses are being targeted as efficient and clean ways for transportation. Ships and trains are also being developed and deployed based on fuel cells, drones, motorcycles, fork-lifts, mining equipment, heavy-duty and mid-duty machinery. Beyond transportation, the interest on hydrogen is expanding to be also considered a great alternative to decarbonize the Natural Gas pipeline.

Versallis Tech Services LLC has already secured several contracts with companies like H2H (California/UK based) for engineering, design and development of hydrogen storage applications based on their patented Porous Metal Hydrides. Versallis is working with other companies interested in California for business development projects around production and pipeline injection.
Other agreements are being drawn with Aeolus Hydrogen US LLC (Florida) for the development of products combining generation and storage of hydrogen, IPM (South Africa) for the development of hydrogen stations in the RSA as well as for the commercialization of the membranes (for stacks) that they develop leveraging on their access to the PGMs resources in their country, etc